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"WAS WIEGT DER MOND" english title :"What does the moon weigh"

Dieser Teaser ist der Ergebnis von Tests, mit dem Ziel heraus zu finden, worum es im Kinofilm inhaltlich gehen wird, welche Fragen er klären soll, welches Gefühl ich ausdrücken möchte und wie der Look sein wird. (Look ist übrigens ein beschissenes Wort)




"WAS WIEGT DER MOND"-  english title :"What does the moon weigh"



This film will be a mixture of documentary film and fiction. The goal of both parts is the same: to find out what love is. The fiction portion is like a fairy tale. It’s about a little boy named Theo, who gets an assignment from a friend of his. He must get himself a Super-8 camera and document his quest for the meaning of love.



The documentary portion examines love scientifically. The contents of either part of the film, will relate very much to the other. Scenes from either part will flow into scenes from the other using set-in-set transitions music video elements.


The contents of both parts of the film are closely related to one another and will examine similar aspects of, and questions about, love in a series of episodes. And if small Theo gets stuck or fails at some point along the search, the big Theo takes over and tries to get somewhere on the scientific side of things. The fiction portion is a visual treasure hunt with all sorts of adventures- and the documentary portion is more objective, with research and interviews. Despite objectivity it will not, needless to say, be at all stick-up-the-ass-ish, as we say in german, with scenes taking place in handily crafted sets, always an underlying humor and without the german stick in the ass.


Because it will be a very experimental film and there is no film that I know of that’s similar, it’s hard to describe it understandably. After all, no one, except the moon, look in on my thoughts.

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Content Documetary

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